(In, At and to (Movement

نستخدم كلمة to عند الحديث عن التحرك إلى نقطة أو مكان محدد


1- Let’s all go to the stadium tonight.

2- When you come to my place, give me a call.


وغالبا ماتستخدم كلمتي (from …. to)  عند الحديث عن الانتقال من نقطة إلى آخرى.


1- It’s far from your house to the nearest station.

2- How long it will take to get from the college to the downtown.


وتسخدم كلمة at مع الفعل arrive عند الحديث عن المباني والمطاعم والمرافق.


1- I arrived at the airport just in time.

2- We arrived at the museum but found it was closed all week.


في حين أن  in تكون مع الفعل arrive عند الحديث عن الدول والمدن. 


1- It was 4 pm when we arrived in Japan.

2- He arrived in Cairo last month.



I flew from Jeddah …. Riyadh with Saudi Air Lines.



She arrived …. station just in time to catch the train



We arrived … hotel in time for dinner.



I arrived … London on 21st April.



Ali arrived …. the party when everybody was leaving.