Other & Another

كلمتا (Another , Other) نوعهما صفة وتحملان نفس المعنى وهو “شيء إضافي ” أو “آخر” لكنهما مختلفان في الأستخدام


فكلمة (Other) تكون قبل أسماء الجمع فقط مثل


1- We have other styles if you are interested.

2- I have invited some other people

3- I can’t help you because I’m busy with other things

بينما كلمة (Another) فتكون قبل الأسماء المفردة مثل


 1- He has bought another car.

2- Would you like another cup of tea?

3- Don’t worry about the rain. We can go another day.



There are six ….. people in the head of us.



You can keep that pen. I have two or three …. pens in my bag.



Ask me ….. question if you want.



Forget about this now, we have ….. problems



Let’s go to …… place; There is a lot of noise here.